Personal Conferences


London 2017, 20-21 July, UCL Wilkins Building


London 2016, 8-9 September, UCL Roberts Building


Frankfurt 2015, 29-30 January, Deutsche Bundesbank



BlockShow Europe 2017
Munich, Germany, March 2017


Invited talk Asset Management under the Blockchain Paradigm”
Quant 2017
Venice, Italy, March 2017

Keynote speech: “Power and Disruptive Potential of Blockchain”
Best of Blockchain
Düsseldorf, Germany, March 2017



Invited talk: “Banking Beyond Money”
Data and money – joint Blockchain Workshop CC ITC SUD – UNICA 
December 2016

Invited talk: “Recent Technological Innovations affecting Financial Industry
Swiss Wealth Management & Blockchain – INTO Global Innovation Face to Face
December 2016

Speaker: “Can Blockchain Mitigate Financial Risks?”
RiskMinds International
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 2016

Speaker: “Payments & Blockchain”
TrusTech – FinTechStage Conference
Cannes, France, November/December 2016

Closing debate: “When the Blockchain grows up what will it be?”
Payments International
London, United Kingdom, November 2016

Panel session: “The Blockchain: revolution is now. What are we waiting for?”
Open Innovations Forum
Moscow, Russia, October 2016

Interactive meeting: “On Financial Market Uses of Distributed Ledger Technology and Issues for Financial Authorities”
Financial Stability Board
London, United Kingdom, October 2016

Panel session: “Implications of Fintech for market infrastructure and monetary policy implementation”.
Joint ECB – IMF workshop 
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, October 2016

Invited talk: “The Evolution of the Bitcoin Economy: Extracting and Analyzing the Network of Payment Relationships”.
CREDIT 2016 – 15th International Conference on CreditRisk Evaluation
Venice, Italy, October 2016

Round Table “The Future of Financial Services”.
Chicago Booth Initiative
London, United Kingdom, September 2016

Panel Section “The Future of Digital Currency”.
European Financial Management Association Annual Meetings
Basel, Switzerland, June 2016

Invited Talk: “Gli approfondimenti necessari per applicazioni operative in campo finanziario
Bank of Italy Workshop on “La tecnologia blockchain: nuove prospettive per i mercati finanziari”
Rome, Italy , June 2016

Invited Talk: “Digital Currencies: Principles, Trends, Opportunities and Risks
Dutch Blockchain Conference
Amsterdam, The Netherlands , June 2016

Speaker. “Blockchain: The Next Revolution“.
Zurich, Switzerland, June 2016

Seminar. “A Market Analysis of Cryptocurrencies“.
SAFE House of Finance at Goethe University,
Frankfurt am Main, Germany , June 2016

Keynote Talk. “Blockchain: Great Expectations
BigData Expo.
Guiyang, China, May 2016

Invited Talk. “Beyond Digital Currencies: Alternative Blockchain Applications 
DigiT Banken and Versicherung
Frankfurt am Main, Germany, May 2016

Invited Talk. “Blockchain: Great Expectations 
Global Derivatives Annual Conference
Budapest, Hungary,  May 2016

Panel Section  Blockchain and digital currency. Regulatory perspectives”
Money 2020
Copenhagen, Denmark, April 2016

Invited Talk.  A market analysis of cryptocurrencies
BankInno 2016
Barcelona,  Spain, March 2016

Discussant. Section “Digital Currencies”
American Economic AssociationAnnual Meeting
San Francisco, CA United States, January 2016


Invited Scholar   “Data Science for the Digital Economy: Digital currencies and peer-to-peer economics”
Alan Turing Institute  (closed-doors) Workshop
London, United Kingdom, December 2015

Panel Section   “Economics and Crypto-Economics”
Blockchain Workshop (Livestreaming)
Sydney, Australia, December 2015 

Keynote  Talk.  Digital  Currencies: Principles, Trends, Opportunities, and Risks
Geldhändlertreffen by Deutsche Bundesbank
Frankfurt, Germany, December 2015

Invited Talk. A Market Analysis of Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin Wednesday
Amsterdam, Netherlands, December 2015

Round Table    “Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies”
FinTech Forum
Frankfurt, Germany, November 2015

Keynote Talk. Digital Currencies: Principles, Trends, Opportunities and Risks
ROME Workshop
Frankfurt, Germany, November 2015

Expert. Digital Currencies
SUERF Conference Cash on Trial
Zurich, Switzerland, November 2015

Keynote Talk. A Market Analysis of Cryptocurrencies
11 Kapitalmarkforum
Zurich, Switzerland, October 2015

Invited Talk. A Market Analysis of the Bitcoin Economy
Internal Seminar Dep. of Economics, Stellenbosch University
Cape Town, South Africa, October 2015

Panel Section “Online Payments and Digital Currencies
FinCoNet Annual General Meeting
Cape Town, South Africa, October 2015

Invited Talk. A Market Analysis of the Bitcoin Economy
South African Reserve Bank
Pretoria, South Africa, October 2015

Invited Talk. A Market Analysis of the Bitcoin Economy
Internal Seminar Dep. of Economics, University of Pretoria
Pretoria, South Africa, October 2015

Keynote Talk. A Market Analysis of Cryptocurrencies
Digital Currency Summit
Barcelona, Spain, October 2015

Invited Talk. A Market Analysis of the Bitcoin Economy
Finance 2.0 CRYPTO 2015 Cryptocurreny & Blockchain
Zurich, Switzerland, September 2015

Panel Section “Economics and Crypto-Economics”
Blockchain Workshop
London, United Kingdom, June 2015

Keynote Talk. A market analysis of cryptocurrencies
Virtual Currency Today Summit 2015
Boston United States, April 2015

Keynote Talk. A market analysis of cryptocurrencies
Blockchain and Digital Currencies Workshop, European Commission
Belgium, April 2015 

Panel Section. Governance and Voting
Blockchain Workshop, Stanford University
CA United States, March 2015


A Global Picture on Digital Currencies
Seminar at the European Business School
Wiesbaden, Germany, October 2014

Oral presentation. Digital Currencies: A Risk Analysis
International Conference SigmaPhi2014
Rhodes, Greece, July 2014

Oral presentation. Diversification and Financial Stability
World Finance Conference
Venice, Italy, June 2014

Seminar at University College London
London, UK, March 2014


Diversification and Financial Stability
Deutsche Bundesbank SAFE Joint Conference “Supervising Banks in Complex Financial Systems”
Frankfurt, Germany

Systemic risk in Financial Networks
Internal Seminar at Banco de Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal



Market Procyclicality and Systemic Risk
ETH Latsis Symposium 2012 “Economics on the Move”
Zurich, Switzerland