Blockchain Executive Training Program

Blockchain Technologies.

Principles, Opportunities and Risks.

Blockchain technologies have the potential to disrupt
large sectors of our socio-economic systems. In addition
to financial sector, also healthcare and pharma, energy
industry, logistic and transportation, public sector, music,
media and telecommunication, to cite a few, will be
transformed by blockchain technologies.

About 30 countries in the world are currently investing in blockchain projects. In the finance sector, 80% of the major banks will initiate blockchain-related projects by 2017. Startups with a ficus in blockchain activities raised over $1.5 billion USD from 2014. Over 90 central banks worldwide do blockchain working groups or consortia. Over 3000 patents filed over the last 3,5 years.

These figures show the importance and awareness of blockchain and distributed ledgers as one of the most promising emerging technologies that will have a pervasive impact on the future of our society.

Paolo Tasca, ex-Deutsche Bundesbank and now Executive Director of the Centre for Blockchain Technologies at University College London will dive you into the nuts and bolts of the technological business and legal aspects of blockchain technologies.
Introduction to Blockchain

What is Blockchain
Bitcoin protocol Nuts and Bots
Digital currencies
Beyond digital currencies

Ontology of Blockchain

Principles of identification and classification

Key Drivers Of Blockchain
The Dual Nature Of Blockchain

Blockchain as ICT technology
Bitcoin as Institutional Technology

Opportunities and Use Cases

Government and Law
Markets and Finance
Health and Pharma
Internet of Things
Logistics and Supply Chain
Science, Art and Media
Smart Factory
Colaborative Commons



Final Question and Answer Session

To acquaint executives with the basics of the technology, and enumerate the impact it can have on their business.

Target sectors

Financial Services and Insurance, Consumer Electronics, Logistic and Transportation, Media and Communication Entertainment, Industrial, healthcare, Energy Industry, Automation and Robotics, Hospitality Industry, Public and Social Sector.

Target audience

This workshop is designed for Board Directors, Top Executives, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs who would like a quick but deep overview of blockchain technology, its business potential and a tour of its current state.


No prior knowledge required from the attendees. A general interest in blockchain technology and some ‘back of the envelope’ business improvement ideas are useful, but not needed.

Duration - 4/5 hours
Teaching mode and venue - Face-to-face on site training at (your) organization.

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