A Strengthened Partnership: DSF (with Paolo Tasca as Co-Founder and Chairman) and Hedera Continue their Joint Commitment
22 Jan

The DLT Science Foundation acknowledges with appreciation the recent announcement by Hedera concerning the allocation of an additional 4.86 billion HBARs towards the further development of its network and ecosystem. This decision underlines Hedera's continued leadership and commitment to the decentralised economy and marks a significant step in the advancement of enterprise-grade, sustainable public networks.

This announcement  includes Hedera’s decision to renew its support for the DSF, a gesture that reinforces their collaborative and fruitful relationship. This allocation of funds is poised to substantially aid DSF's ongoing initiatives and education, research and innovation.

Dr. Paolo Tasca, DSF Chairman, remarked: 'Hedera stands out as a mature and responsible leader in the blockchain space, distinguishing themselves by their work on ecosystem building, and their interest on prime-quality research and development. At the DLT Science Foundation, we are proud to contribute to this vision. Our work, deeply integrated with the Hedera ecosystem, involves advancing blockchain research and enhancing educational programs to make this technology more accessible and trusted. This collaboration is not just about funding; it's about being part of a movement towards a more transparent and effective digital future.’


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