Bitcoin Magazine: Is bitcoin evolving beyond its store of value?
24 Jun

Opinion Piece by Paolo Tasca: The Transformation of Bitcoin Beyond a Store of Value

Paolo Tasca, a respected economist and the founder of the University College London’s Centre For Blockchain Technologies, examines Bitcoin's multifaceted role in his insightful opinion piece. He delves into the ongoing discourse surrounding Bitcoin's primary function as a ‘digital gold’ and explores the prospects of its evolution into a global currency and a versatile asset capable of registering varied assets of value.

Elevated Demand & Competition with Bitcoin Ordinals:

With the advent of Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens, the Bitcoin blockchain has experienced a surge in demand, accentuating its reputation for security and stability. However, this increased activity has also led to enhanced competition, steeper transaction fees, and elongated confirmation times, posing challenges particularly for those who envisage Bitcoin as a currency.

Economist’s Evolutionary Theory & Market Movements:

Bitcoin, despite its transaction capacity limitations, has been a hub of innovation and debate. The advent of other blockchains capable of handling diverse tokens has stirred discussions on interoperability and market preferences, emphasizing the market’s tendency to gravitate towards optimum opportunities.

Public Perception & Institutional Adoption:

Bitcoin's acceptance as a store of value is yet to permeate sectors beyond cryptocurrency. During the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, a substantial global investment in Bitcoin did not materialise as many still clung to fiat currencies. However, institutions, banks, and countries have been subtly integrating Bitcoin into their treasury reserves, acknowledging its value as a safeguard against future financial uncertainties.

Bitcoin's Rapid Ascension & Evolutionary Potential:

Bitcoin has showcased remarkable progress, achieving significant market capitalisation in less time compared to corporate giants like Google. The ongoing desire for a versatile blockchain continues to push Bitcoin's evolution, with the potential to meet market demands for a unified blockchain solution, or pave the way for another blockchain to fulfil this role.


Paolo Tasca underscores Bitcoin's adaptability and decentralised nature as its paramount strengths, predicting its sustained evolution and triumph in the financial domain. His opinions are his own and do not reflect the views of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.

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