Paolo Tasca and the DLT Science Foundation
7 Jun

In this illuminating podcast episode, the esteemed Dr. Paolo Tasca, renowned for his extensive knowledge and research in blockchain technology and digital currencies, engages in a profound conversation with King Solomon.

Spanning over an hour and a half, this conversation traverses Tasca’s revolutionary research and the pioneering collaborations he has established with industry leaders in the realm of finance and technology. The dialogue provides an in-depth exploration into Tasca’s visionary perspectives on the future of finance, offering listeners unique insights into the transformative potentialities of blockchain and digital currencies.

Dr. Tasca’s revelations in this episode act as a beacon for those seeking to understand the advancements and innovations blockchain and digital currencies are poised to bring to the financial sector. It's a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone eager to grasp the evolutionary strides the world of finance is making in the digital era, and a gateway to comprehending the multidimensional impacts of these emerging technologies.

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