Paolo Tasca, Centre for Blockchain Technologies at UCL, Dutch Blockchain Conference
22 Jun

In this informative session from the Dutch Blockchain Conference, Dr. Paolo Tasca, the esteemed director of the Centre for Blockchain Technologies at University College London, shares his profound insights into the transformative potential of blockchain technologies. Watch the presentation here.

Dr. Tasca discusses the role of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies as a pioneering interdepartmental research centre. The Centre seeks to transcend traditional discipline boundaries to lay the foundation for an innovative interdisciplinary research domain focusing on Distributed-Consensus Ledgers and Network-Based Technologies. The research domains of the centre are meticulously organised into three distinct pillars: Science and Technology, Economics and Finance, and Regulation and Law.

This session provides a unique exploration into the ambitions of the UCL CBT to emerge as the foremost European research hub with an industrial focus on understanding the impact of blockchain technologies on our socio-technical systems and promoting the secure and organic development and adoption of blockchain-based platforms.


Paolo Tasca, UCL, Centre for Blockchain Technologies, Dutch Blockchain Conference, Distributed-Consensus Ledgers, Blockchain, Interdisciplinary Research, Science and Technology, Economics and Finance, Regulation and Law, Blockchain-Based Platforms


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