Keynotes and conference contributions in 2017

Invited Speaker

Norway China Innovation & Investment Conference
Green Economy in Transformation

Tianjing, 15-16 November 2017

Invited Speaker

II Internet Insurance Development Conference

Tianjing, 15-16 November 2017

Invited Speaker

16th CJK IT-DG OSS Meeting & Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum
The 4th Industrial Revolution

Tianjing, 15-16 November 2017

Invited Speaker

The Reform Club, Wednesdays Seminars
Blockchain Technologies

London, 20 September 2017

Keynote Speaker

Crypt Trade Congress 2017
DLT: Blockchain Economy

Antalya, Turkey, 14-17 September 2017


UK-China Fintech & Regtech Closed Door Panel Discussion

London, July 2017

Invited Speaker

Sigma Phi Workshop 2017 On Statistical Physics and the Digital Economy
Digital Economy

Corfú, 11-12 July 2017

Panel Session

UCL Faculty of Laws
Blockchain And The Constitution Of A New Financial Order: Legal And Political Challenges

London, June 2017

Invited Speaker and Panelist

VII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum
Plenary Session: Law In The Global Context

St.Petersburg, May 2017

Blockchain Event

BlockShow Europe 2017
On Blockchain

Munich, March 2017

Invited Talk

Quant 2017
Asset Management Under The Blockchain Paradigm

Venice, March 2017

Keynote Speech

Best of Blockchain
Power And Disruptive Potential of Blockchain

Düsseldorf, March 2017

Invited Speaker

Genesis Moscow Conference

Blockchain: A Technical, Business and Legal Perspective

Moscow, May 2017