Mentorship for startups

Paolo Tasca serves as digital strategist, innovation and
growth consultant for startups. He is also NED and Board
Member of a number of enterprises and a mentor for leading
FinTech accelerators like Supercharger.
Paolo is passionate about helping early stage ventures to grow and to constantly improve their core business. He combines strategic thinking, creativity and analytics to support businesses from many different industries.
Areas of focus
  • P2P Business Models
  • Blockchain and Distributed Platforms
  • RegTech and Automatic Compliance
  • Decentralised Autonomous Organizations and Distributed Management System
  • Industry 4.0
Digital Strategy, Innovation and Growth: Areas of intervention
Catching Mega Trends

Bespoke analysis of current mega trends affecting our techno-socio-economic systems and future scenario analysis pertaining to your specific business areas or enterprise.

Innovation and Platform Design

Support on identifying the best digital innovation path from idea to creation through design, implementation, deployment and performance measurement of different distributed architectures.

Sustainable and Agile Business Models

Advice in defining the optimal system and architecture designs to turn your business model into a new, powerful and agile one through light cost effective solutions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Provide analysis and evaluation of blockchain business opportunities for investment or merger and acquisitions.

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