Behind Blockchain Research - Paolo Tasca, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies
2 Jul

In this insightful video titled "Behind Blockchain Research", Dr Paolo Tasca, the Executive Director of the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, demystifies the complexities surrounding blockchain technology. Shared by Beyond Innovation TV, the video is an invaluable resource for those who want to understand the multifaceted nature of blockchain technology and its practical applications.

Dr Tasca elaborates on the significance of adopting an interdisciplinary approach to blockchain research at the University College of London. He elucidates the essentiality of exploring both the implications and the applications of blockchain technology, emphasizing the pivotal role of education in fostering understanding and innovation in this field. In the dialogue with Anthony Lacavera, Dr Tasca sheds light on the ongoing research endeavors to unravel the comprehensive spectrum of blockchain technology.

For individuals intrigued by blockchain research and its broad ramifications, this video serves as a comprehensive guide, providing profound insights and reflections from an acclaimed expert in the realm of blockchain technologies.


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