Cointelegraph: DLT Science Foundation to host launch event in London this month
22 Jun

The Distributed Ledger Technology Science Foundation (DSF) is set to host its launch event in London, with a focus on “rebuilding trust in crypto,” aiming to foster a global ecosystem that is collaborative and inclusive of emerging digital technologies. The organisation, backed by seed donor Hedera, is dedicated to promoting responsible adoption and proficiency in distributed ledger technology (DLT), blockchain, and other Web3 technologies.

Event Details:

  • Date: June 29, 2023
  • Location: Prince Philip House, London
  • Time: Speaking program at 4:30 pm BST; Reception at 6:00 pm.
  • Keynote Speakers: Paolo Tasca, Nikhil Vadgama, Timothy Lane, and other industry leaders.

Foundation’s Objectives:

  • The DSF aspires to raise awareness about, and deepen the understanding of, DLT and related technologies.
  • It wishes to ensure these technologies are universally recognised, trusted, accessible, and utilized to their full potential for societal advancement.
  • The DSF actively supports cutting-edge research and publications through grants and in-house efforts.
  • It is fostering collaborations among DSF Science Fellows and building a network of brilliant minds in the industry.

Grant Recipients and Projects:

  • Among the first grant recipients is Michael Donovan, an Academy Award Winner, with Mint Road, focusing on community-driven content creation.
  • Alastair Moore with SongBits, which explores the tokenised trading of music royalties, collaborating with notable artists like Dave Stewart from Eurythmics.

Discussion Topics:

  • Rethinking institutions for a digital financial future.
  • Building trust within Web3 by academic institutions.
  • The role of DLT in creating a future where knowledge and value flow efficiently and equitably in decentralised networks.


The event will host a diversified group of experts, visionaries, and industry leaders who will exchange ideas and explore collaboration avenues in advancing blockchain technology. Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr, Teana Baker-Taylor, Fariel Salahuddin, and Auronda Scalera are among the esteemed speakers who will lead discussions on varied topics related to DLT and its applications.

DSF's Commitment:

DSF is committed to creating an equitable society that leverages DLT and related technologies, emphasizing open, sustainable innovation. They aim to standardize knowledge, support research, and advance innovative applications that are synergistic with scientific advancement and societal needs, creating a solid foundation for trust and adoption of these exponential technologies.


DSF's launch event represents a significant step forward in promoting understanding, trust, and responsible adoption of DLT and related technologies. The presence of leaders and visionaries from various domains at the event underscores the broad-reaching implications and potential of these technologies in shaping a future where innovation and knowledge are decentralized, equitable, and beneficial to society at large. The discussions and collaborations initiated here are poised to impact the technological landscape significantly, aligning advancements with societal needs and ethical considerations.

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