Best Universities for Blockchain 2022
26 Sep

CoinDesk released its 2022 rankings of the 50 universities having the most substantial impact on blockchain, meticulously scrutinising 240 institutions worldwide based on various facets like scholarly impact, industrial relationships, and pedagogical contributions. The investigation was part of CoinDesk's Education Week, focusing on institutions that are shaping the future minds in the blockchain sector.


CoinDesk followed a transparent and comprehensive methodology, examining publicly available data and information directly from university websites instead of relying on self-reported responses, which are prone to manipulations. The rankings were based on a multitude of parameters such as the number and influence of research publications, offered courses, degrees, conferences, clubs, and industry partnerships or grants, the employment rate of graduates in the blockchain sector, and the overall reputation of the institutions.

Purpose and Impact

CoinDesk’s ranking aims not just to guide prospective students but also to provide insights to employers and individuals already working in blockchain or related fields. The rankings focus on how traditional educational institutions are adapting to and incorporating transformative emerging technologies like blockchain.

Insights and Observations

The rankings also revealed significant regional and global shifts and trends in blockchain research, including noteworthy performances by universities in smaller nations like Singapore. For instance, Singapore, with its conducive regulatory environment for crypto and blockchain technologies, had two universities in the top 10, highlighting the global and equalising potential of blockchain technology.

MIT researcher Reuben Youngblom, who contributed to shaping the methodology for the rankings, mentioned that even minor enhancements like adding a single course or degree program could significantly impact a university’s ranking due to the embryonic state of blockchain education.


These rankings offer a reflective perspective on the rapid evolution within the blockchain and crypto sectors, serving as an evaluative lens to comprehend the broader crypto universe. They underscore the role of academic institutions in fostering innovation and knowledge in emerging technologies and possibly hint at future trends and developments in the blockchain sector.


CoinDesk’s 2022 University Rankings serve as a comprehensive guide to recognising the academic institutions at the forefront of blockchain research, education, and innovation. The detailed evaluation offers valuable insights for prospective students, employers, and professionals in the blockchain and crypto industry and throws light on the global trends and adaptations in blockchain education and research. The remarkable presence of universities from small nations like Singapore in the top rankings also accentuates the egalitarian and global nature of blockchain technology.

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