Dr Paolo Tasca founder of The World's LARGEST BLOCKCHAIN research centre Hedera, Bitcoin and Crypto
20 Apr

In this enlightening video, Dr Paolo Tasca, the founder and director of the world’s most extensive blockchain and cryptographic research centre, discusses the future landscape of blockchain technology, his role as a Governing Council member of Hedera Hashgraph, representing University College London. Paolo Tasca is renowned for his extensive knowledge and contribution to emerging new technologies and cryptographic-based networks, serving as a co-founder of the Quant network and advising numerous influential global organisations.

Throughout the video, Dr Tasca delves into a range of topics including Bitcoin, Hedera, and the prospective developments in blockchain. He imparts his knowledge on cryptographic currencies and shares his insights on the impact and evolution of blockchain technology and cryptographic based networks.

For anyone seeking a deeper understanding of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and their implications for the future of technology and finance, this video offers invaluable insights from one of the leading experts in the field.


Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Hedera Hashgraph, Bitcoin, Crypto, Dr Paolo Tasca, UCL, Quant Network, Emerging Technologies


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