Euronews Tech Talks: The podcast unravelling the big questions shaping Europe's digital landscape
20 Sep

The Euronews Tech Talks podcast, by Marta Rodriguez Martinez, explores the impacts of new technologies and policies on the lives of Europeans, unraveling crucial questions shaping Europe's digital landscape. The English-language podcast is presented as a staple for those invested in technology's societal impacts across Europe and releases a new episode every other Wednesday.

1. Generative AI & Its Impacts:

  • The initial episodes focus on Generative AI, its implementation across various domains in Europe, and the possible societal impacts. ChatGPT, as discussed in the podcast, has empowered Europeans in diverse ways, and different scenarios related to AI, including both optimistic and potentially apocalyptic, are deliberated by experts like Dr. Sabine Hauert and Dr. Matthew Glanville.

2. Blockchain & Crypto:

  • Subsequent episodes delve into the realm of blockchain, discussing Europe’s “Crypto Valley”, trust in decentralized banking, and blockchain's implications on sectors like art and taxation. The podcast also questions the mainstreaming and legality of blockchain, exploring its multifaceted use and associated ethical and environmental concerns.

3. Space Exploration:

  • Furthering the exploration into technological advancements, episodes also cover space exploration, commemorating historical achievements and questioning the feasibilities of future developments, like the possibility of human births on the Moon. The talks include insights from experts like astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti and ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer, discussing possibilities and innovations in space exploration and its tangible benefits to life on Earth.

4. Web 3 & Digital Innovation:

  • Additional topics include discussions on Web 3 and NFTs, presenting varying perspectives on digital innovation and its relevance, necessity, and potential realisation in the modern web space.

5. Addressing Public Queries:

  • The podcast also values public interaction, addressing queries gathered from public forums and events, and responding to them with expert insights, making it a holistic approach to understanding and disseminating knowledge on technological innovations and their implications.

6. Diverse Exploration & Holistic Approach:

  • The diverse range of topics and the inclusion of experts and public interaction make Euronews Tech Talks a comprehensive exploration into technology's current and future impacts on society, offering varied insights and fostering informed discussions on the evolving digital ecosystem in Europe.

For a more detailed exploration of these topics and more insightful discussions, refer to the full episodes of Euronews Tech Talks.


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