Gossip about Gossip: Native Staking on the Hedera Network with Paolo Tasca
22 Sep

In this engaging episode of "Gossip about Gossip," Dr. Paolo Tasca, a distinguished Digital Economist and Executive Director at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (CBT), sits down with Zenobia Godschalk for an enlightening conversation on the Hedera network and its distinctive attributes. Watch the episode here.

In this discussion, Dr. Tasca, who is currently the co-chair of CoinCom, delves deep into the nuances of #HBAR staking and delineates how Hedera’s unparalleled network features and infrastructure afford it a unique protocol, ensuring unmatched Layer-1 security. He brings his extensive knowledge in blockchain, interoperability, and #CBDC to shed light on the robust, appropriate, and secure operation of the Hedera network.

Dr. Tasca's insights are particularly valuable for those keen to understand the intricate details of Hedera's exceptional network and its contribution to the field of blockchain technologies, offering a rich perspective on the subject.


Hedera Network, Dr Paolo Tasca, Digital Economist, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, HBAR, Blockchain, Hedera, Hashgraph, Interoperability, CBDC, Security, CoinCom, Protocol, Layer-1 Security


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