Intermediary Report on Blockchain Governance Practices
18 Jan

The evolution of blockchain technology highlights the need for effective governance models. Recognising this, DLT Science Foundation Chairman, Dr. Paolo Tasca, has joined the Governance Multistakeholder Council contributing to a groundbreaking project by Project Liberty Institute and BlockchainGov.

As a result of this joint work, DLT Science Foundation is pleased to announce the release of the “Intermediary Report on Blockchain Governance Practices.” This report offers a first-of-its-kind comparison and analysis of governance mechanisms across 11 major blockchain networks. It highlights the significance of transparent and accountable governance structures in the blockchain ecosystem.

Key Highlights:

- Analysis of legal entities and their influence in blockchain networks.

- Insightful discussion on the real-world application of decentralisation.

- Exploration of the disparity between documented governance and practice.

- Review of diverse governance mechanisms.

- Considerations on managing security breaches while avoiding political bias.

The DSF team, composed by Dr. Paolo Tasca and supported by Dr. Jiahua Xu, Juan Ignacio Ibañez, and Walter Hernandez, continue to work in this project, crucial for advancing our understanding of blockchain governance. They will be issuing recommendations for the forthcoming Manual on Best Practices for Blockchain and Decentralized Technologies, scheduled for release in April 2024.

Download the report here: [link]


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