Taipei Times: The Struggle for Currency Supremacy
4 Apr


  • Geopolitical tensions and economic autonomy aspirations are driving countries like Russia, China, and the EU to establish new currency and financial systems.
  • Uncertainties surround the US dollar's central role in global trade and finance, given the impact of geopolitical dynamics, internal economic challenges, and emerging digital assets.
  • Digital currencies, especially those not backed by any state, pose a challenge to US dollar hegemony by offering alternatives beyond traditional regulatory frameworks.
  • The battle for currency supremacy involves a multilateral approach, with digital assets disrupting existing power structures and offering new advantages in the global economy.
  • The evolving financial landscape offers a mix of alternatives for governments seeking geopolitical advantages, leading to a transition toward a multipolar currency system.
  • Various theories, including realism and liberalism, provide insights into currency competition and the motivations behind it, emphasizing the complex interplay of political power and technological progress.
  • Intergovernmental organizations face challenges in shaping policies related to digital assets, with implementation difficulties reflecting cultural and economic differences among member states.
  • The growing interest in digital assets is driven by the potential to empower emerging economies and encourage competition in the global currency system.
  • Developments in the digital economy, such as the rise of tech platforms like TikTok, are reshaping traditional dependencies on US regulatory power and dollar dominance.
  • China's digital yuan and other digital currencies could challenge the dominance of the US dollar, depending on factors such as capital controls, scarcity, inflation controls, and widespread acceptance.
  • The future of currency dominance remains uncertain, contingent on the willingness of challengers to compete with the US dollar and the adoption of digital assets on a global scale.


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