The Cryptonomist: Understanding Blockchain with Dr Paolo Tasca
22 Oct

After attending the P2P Financial System 2023 event at the Bank of Italy headquarters in Rome, organised by Dr. Paolo Tasca himself, we had the opportunity to speak with him to better understand the functionalities, developments and future of the booming blockchain technology.

In the interview, we tried to extrapolate Dr Tasca’s opinion and vision on blockchain.

We tried to cover several topics, as this is such an important technology for the future of finance.


  • As a first question, I wanted to start with a personal one: you are probably one of the most important exponents of research in blockchain technologies. What made you choose this path?
  • The foundation of your work is obviously the research and development of blockchain-technologies. With this in mind, how important is government cooperation in development and research? How important is trust in institutions?
  • So do you think we are going in the right direction?
  • In the last year, one of the trendiest developing technologies is undoubtedly artificial intelligence. Is there a possibility of integration with blockchain? Can This technology and AI be combined in the near future?
  • The use of blockchain has often been questioned in terms of environmental sustainability. In particular, ‘proof of work’ technologies have been criticised for their excessive energy consumption. Is there a way to use this technology without such a high environmental impact?
  • Finally, do you think blockchain technology will change the world? What do you expect to see in the coming years?


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