Fintech Finance News: The DLT Science Foundation Makes its Public Launch to Revolutionize Industries and Society with Distributed Ledger Technology
20 Apr

The Distributed Ledger Technology Science Foundation (DSF) is a global, non-profit organisation which aims to expand the knowledge and adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), and remove barriers to breakthroughs in this field. The foundation offers support in education, innovation, and research through its programmes, aiming to aid students, executives, developers, entrepreneurs, and academics. The foundation plans to run these programmes in cooperation with the DSF University Network, comprising reputed institutions like the London School of Economics and the University College London.

Here are some key components of the DSF initiative:

1. Education

The foundation will facilitate courses, labs, and educational materials for students, executives, and developers.

2. Innovation

DSF will support entrepreneurs through open innovation programmes, accelerators, workshops, hackathons, and industry-academia knowledge transfers.

3. Research

Academics, postdocs, and PhDs will be provided with grants and fellowships for their research in DLT.4. University Network

Institutions like the National University of Singapore and the University of Zurich have joined the DSF University Network to foster innovation and research in DLT and related fields.

5. DSF and Hedera

Hedera, an open-source, leaderless proof-of-stake network, has supported the foundation initially, lending valuable expertise to the DSF University Network.

6. Grant Proposals

DSF has initiated its first call for grant proposals, providing funding of up to 5 million US dollars for eligible individuals and organisations.

7. Visionaries Behind DSF

Professor Paolo Tasca and Nikhil Vadgama, renowned figures in the field of economics and technology, conceived DSF with the goal to be a leading voice in the world of emerging digital technologies.

8. Objective

The foundation aims to promote the responsible adoption of DLT in business and society, encouraging collaborations between academia, industry, and government, translating fundamental research into innovative commercial and societal solutions.

9. University Perspectives

Partner universities like NUS and UZH express their commitment to DSF’s mission and envision mutual growth and successful advancement in blockchain and crypto fields, leveraging DSF’s resources and tools for high-value production in the industry.

10. Joining DSF

Universities and institutions are encouraged to join the DSF University Network to accelerate developments in education, research, and innovation in the field of distributed ledger technologies.

11. Shared Mission

The foundation works in conjunction with various global entities to create a robust and secure DLT foundation that can efficiently scale globally, addressing the diverse and extensive magnitude of data in Web3 development.


The DSF is striving to be a catalyst in the revolutionary transformation propelled by distributed ledger technologies, by providing a platform for the convergence of the best minds, innovators, and institutions from across the globe. It aspires to facilitate a synergistic collaboration aimed at the exploration and responsible adoption of breakthrough technologies, fostering innovations that have the potential to shape industries and societies. The foundation seeks to act as a bridge connecting academia, industry, and government, amplifying the possibilities of creating a harmonious and progressive digital future.

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